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Can you change the name of a narrowboat?

Is it possible to change the name of a narrowboat? If it is, then how does one go about it (apart from the obvious re-painting)?

Asked by: Rod Nelson  | 1.36pm, Tuesday 26 January

WW says:

On CRT waters, the boat is referred to primarily by its registration number. You can therefore change the name but you should notify CRT Leeds office so that the new name can be recorded against the number on your file.
The Thames Conservancy used to refer to boats by their name so every one had to be unique. This is why boats with popular names had long numbers after them - like Heron27 or Kingfisher35. I would imagine that the Environment Agency, which now manages the Thames, has adopted a system similar to CRT so the same advice would apply.

Graham Booth  | 2.41PM, Tuesday 26 January

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