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Beta JD3 Oil pressure

My JD3 engine (700 hrs) takes 10 secs to reach its oil pressure of 45psi cold engine(35 HOT)every time its started.I have changed the oil filter twice using the rec FramPH20 and the Beta supplied Fleetguard LF 678 to no effect.The problem seems to lie with the lack of an anti-drain valve in the oil filter,briefly fitting a non standard purflux LS867B(with anti-drain valve)resolved the problem.Am I to use the rec filters or use a non standard.I am sure that if my car engine had shown this characteristic it would have been destroyed quite quickly.

Asked by: Michael Stapleford  | 9.24pm, Friday 23 January

Readers say:

I have the same. Crosland filters I originally used didn't cause this but in recent years most filters I've used, such as the Fram ones mentioned, have done so.
Like you I am not happy with this, and think that filters with anti-drain valves may be the answer.
The only other cure I can think of is relocating the oil filter to a remote location where it can be placed upright. I did this for a BMC 1800 engine on a previous boat, using a kit a friend got me. I don't know where he got it though.

Trackman  | 2.14PM, Friday 4 October

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