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Wood Burner

Can anyone recommend a company that can install a wood burning stove in my boat.
Cuting the hole in the cabin and so on?
Based in Stoke - Staffordshire.

Asked by: Jason Hulme  | 9.51am, Thursday 28 January

WW says:

It's difficult for us to recommend specific companies because, whoever we mention, the others will they should have been included.
I suggest you have a word with a surveyor or boat safety examiner in the area. I am sure that they will be able to point you in the right direction. You might also ask them to inspect the work when it is finished to make sure it complies with the regulations.

Graham Booth  | 11.33AM, Sunday 31 January

As Graham points out, ensure that any installation meets the requirements of the code of practice for installation of solid fuel stoves in boats- and you might find that a HETAS approved installer might be suitable, as long as they know about boats.
Although we don't normally recommend particular companies, Kings Lock chandlery both advertise in WW, exhibit at Crick and are a major installer and supplier of solid fuel stoves- and they offer advice- and are reasonably close to you (based in Middlewich).
One point- try and ensure that the stove is installed, where possible, on the port side of the boat, as this reduces the risk of overhanging branches catching on on, or knocking off, the chimney from passing branches when passing other boats.

Mark Langley  | 10.11AM, Tuesday 2 February

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