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co alarm

Read in the March issue "Advice Boat Safety" mentions looking out for standard EN 50291-2 on checking mine it complies with EN-50292 is this the same, better? It is the Nest Protect version 2 unit.

Asked by: Robert Hilsdon  | 11.35am, Saturday 13 February

WW says:

Looking on the Nest website shows that your CO alarm is stated to conform to BS EN 50291 for domestic premises (which is part 1); and BS EN 50292, which is a professional installation standard. It is difficult to see how they can meet an installation standard before actually being fitted.
Since this combined smoke and CO alarm is only specified for domestic premises it will not work properly on a boat; so you would be better fitting it at home and buying another for the boat.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.49AM, Friday 19 February

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