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Stove Fan.

Hello, Why should I pay over £160 for a stove fan when some are available for just under £80. Obviously the more expensive one maybe slightly better but I feel us boaters are ripped off with anything we wish to buy.
Thanks in advance.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | 10.27am, Friday 19 February

WW says:

You could always build your own fan for a fraction of the cost as detailed in the March 2012 issue.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.17PM, Friday 19 February

Readers say:

Or just not bother with one. I inherited one with my boat and never thought much of it. It got damaged though and I did end up trying another one on the recommendation of a friend. But, this one doesn't seem to do anything really either. I honestly can't tell the difference on a 55 foot boat (with the stove in the middle). Emperors new clothes I reckon!

Carl  | 2.24PM, Thursday 14 April

Thank you for the replies. In the end I bought a medium size one via the top internet auction site for a "Buy It Now" price of just £32 with free P&P and I'm very pleased. I've had enough of being ripped off with everything boat related I try to buy.

Trevor Smith  | 12.22PM, Friday 15 April

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