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Alde boiler servicing

Does anyone know of a good gas safe engineer who can service and Alde Boiler (Comfort 2928) on a nb moored in central London? Thanks

Asked by: John Coughlan  | 9.47am, Wednesday 24 February

WW says:

We do not recommend individual service providers, but local boat owners might be able to help. When looking for a qualified gas fitter to service the Alde Boiler on your narrowboat; it is important to find one with "Boats" on their Authorisation card. This is because the gas systems on boats are quite different from even domestic LPG systems; which are not found in London, but are common in country areas.
If you look on the Gas Safe website: click the Advanced Options box in the "Find A Gas Safe Registered Business" panel; it is then possible to search for LPG 'Gas type' and Boats as an 'Area of work', in your area.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.59PM, Wednesday 24 February

Alde themselves hold all the parts and usually offer quick turnaround, if that helps.

Mark Langley  | 10.35PM, Friday 26 February

Readers say:

Many thanks - I had been on the Gas Safe register but had not noticed the 'advanced options'. I found a good local company (pricey but good!), Commgas, problems identified and they are now chasing down parts. Thanks again

John Coughlan  | 4.17PM, Friday 26 February

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