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Sailaway fit out

I have been told I can't fit out my sailaway on the C&RT site where we moor. I can't see anything in the T&Cs about this is this correct?

Asked by: Dawn Randall  | 11.00am, Thursday 3 March

WW says:

I am not aware of any blanket ruling from CRT on this subject. Who actually told you it was not allowed? If it was CRT, there may be a special reason why boat fitting is not allowed on your particular mooring. If it was a local moorer or nearby householder, it may be that they don't relish the inevitable noise that accompanies fitting out a narrowboat.
I think your best bet is to ask whoever it is that manages your mooring for a definitive answer. If it is 'no', you can refer them to the terms and conditions. If it is 'yes' I would ask for it in writing.

Graham Booth  | 4.19PM, Friday 4 March

Readers say:

It was the moorings sales manager, other residents have been permitted to fit out on site. I think I annoyed her with an email, then she said we couldn't fit out here and it had to be done at a boatyard.

Dawn Randall  | 7.10PM, Saturday 19 March

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