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Hi Guys

Guys silly question but not much info online about this. Is it possible to reach Chester from London on a wide-beam canal boat,rivers included. i'm not new to sailing but very new to the canals and rivers of the united kingdom.

Asked by: rayray  | 9.07am, Wednesday 9 March

WW says:

The simple answer is no... at some point you would have to go via the sea- the only viable method would involve crossing the Pennines, and then a trip along the tidal Trent, out along the Witham and then out aong the wash, and around the coast until you reach the Thames- which is not feasible (or even insurable) in most inland boats. A look at a map of the waterways will show the beam (width) requirements of the waterways. There is no north/south direct widebeam navigation link currently.

Mark Langley  | 10.31AM, Wednesday 9 March

Readers say:

wow, So it would be a case of getting as close to the north as possible and then having her transported i guess. Thanks for your answer.

rayray  | 3.41PM, Wednesday 9 March

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