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electric underfloor heating

the practicalities of using underfloor heating and safety regulations of using this form of heating

Asked by: sam marriott  | 1.49pm, Saturday 31 January

WW says:

It would be possible to install underfloor heating in a boat, as long as you followed the guidance the Code of Practice. However, the energy required for such a heating system would be astronomical!
Most systems appear to require 150W to 250W per square metre. This means, for underfloor heating of an average boat saloon, of 10ft by 6 ft (approximately 6sq m) would require at least 900W). This would draw over 80amps an hour at 12V, if powering an invertor. So, to run the heating for an evening (bearing in mind that it often takes an hour at least to feel anything) could require at least 480A of current- or at least 10 100Ah batteries.
Using a generator would be very inefficient to power this [and running at night would not be an option- certainly not after 8pm]- plus a lot of the heat is likely to be transferred out through the base of the shell, or absorbed by the ballast.
You would also be unlikely to be popular if you came to sell the boat.

Mark Langley  | 1.02PM, Thursday 26 February

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