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Discovered a very weak spot under in my bilge . . .

Can your recommend a good epoxy to use on my bilge until i can get her out of the water? there is a very weak rust spot which cant be bunged by wood and I just want to temporarily sort her out!

Asked by: Khameelah  | 7.04pm, Tuesday 29 March

WW says:

you might find that Starbrite epoxy emergency putty might work- there are also alternatives available- that compose two materials which are needed together before applying. Some are designed to set under water- but are more used to plug holes in GRP, rather than steel.
If the area is dry, you could try glass fibre matting, soaked in epoxy resin and applied over it, but this might not always adhere to steel well.
Another alternative is a metal modified two-part epoxy (used as a body filler) which may work as a temporary measure- however it is hard to say how effect it is.
You might be able to persuade someone to weld a plate from the inside over the weak spot, which would be a much better option.
You might want to ensure that you have a good working bilge pump, as well as a selection of bits of wood/rage etc. to plug any hole should the worse happen.

Mark Langley  | 8.33PM, Tuesday 29 March

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