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the broads connections

can i sail from the broads to other waterways?

Asked by: edward jones  | 6.48pm, Monday 4 April

WW says:

The simple answer is, unfortunately no - unless you go via the sea. That passage (to the Wash or the Thames) is definitely not one that can be undertaken by most inland craft- though some more powerful Broads cruisers could make the passage in good weather, with (sea-cruising) experienced helm aboard and suitable equipment levels. Otherwise, it is a transporter or trailer.

Mark Langley  | 9.39AM, Tuesday 5 April

What boat are you going to take?

Mark Langley  | 2.02PM, Sunday 10 April

Readers say:

Thank you mark langley i will let you know when i attempt The Yare to The Wash. EJ

edward jones  | 12.53PM, Sunday 10 April

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