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water pump does not stop

I have a pressurised water system which recently the motor keeps on 'pumping' even when the water is not used. No leaks noted! occasionally the pressure relief valve opens and discharges water overboard. Currently switching pump on when needed suggestions welcome

Asked by: Chris Raine  | 10.29pm, Monday 2 May

WW says:

It sounds as though the pressure switch has failed. This detects when the water system is at pressure and switches the pump off; resuming operation when a drop in pressure closes the switch.
Another possibility is that if there is an air reservoir in the system, it has lost air and needs replenishing. This is a simple job with a bicycle pump.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.57AM, Tuesday 3 May

I agree with Rupert's first suggestion that the pressure switch is the likely culprit. If the pump is a Shurflo, you may be able to cure the problem by adjusting the pressure. At the front of the pump (the end where the pipes are), there is a screw that enables you to increase or decrease the pressure. Look for the arrows either side of the central screw. Try several setting to see whether it has any effect.
If this doesn't work, the switch is probably faulty. It used to be possible to fit a separate switch like the 'Square D' in line with the pump. This was reckoned to be a better solution than relying on the pump switch. However, a search on the internet has found no company that either makes or sells this switch. Unless someone else can come up with a supplier or an alternative, your best bet seems to be to buy a new pump.

Graham Booth  | 3.16PM, Tuesday 3 May

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