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Satellite mobile

Hi can you please help with issue date for magazine giving information regarding satellite phone as we are looking to buy one which will give the best signal available in case of emergencies and we remember reading it in one of the Waterways Magazine. Many thanks

Asked by: Helen Bennett  | 9.09pm, Thursday 5 May

WW says:

Satellite phones are a very specialist system, using the Iridium or INMARSAT systems- and as they are so infrequently used by anyone other than blue water sailors (ie out of VHF range) that it would probably be best speaking to a specialist about that- generally its out of the WW teams experience. Bear in mind that the subscription services are not cheap and calls can be astronomical (no pun intended!). If you are cruising the larger rivers, VHF may be very helpful- though of course as long as you can see the sky, a satellite phone will work. A search for uk based sat phone companies will probably yield good results. Sorry not to be more helpful.

Mark Langley  | 1.15PM, Monday 9 May

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