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Tiller arm

Hi hope someone is able to help I have a fiftyfour foot cruiser stern and would like to know if can change the swan neck tiller to a taller one as the one thats on is ok for me but when i have my sons on board that are over 6ft+ they find it to short allso where can I get a new or second hand swan neck from.
Thanks Lez

Asked by: Lez Brennan  | 1.42pm, Tuesday 10 May

WW says:

The swans neck fitted to many cruiser stern narrowboats is often rather on the low side, compared to that fitted to traditional stern boats as this needs to clear the top of the cabin.
There is no reason why you should not fit a taller version, but the chance of finding one from a scrap boat that would fit is virtually nil. Any good boatyard should be able to either make you a new one or adapt the existing swans neck, or remove it and take it to a decent metal fabricator. Make sure that the tiller extension will fit the new one.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.26PM, Tuesday 10 May

Readers say:

Cheers for that

Lez Brennan  | 10.30AM, Wednesday 11 May

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