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Electrical power requirements

If I want to run a glass fusing kiln on board which has a power rating of 2.4kw and 10 amps, will this be okay whilst connected to a marina 16 amp hookup, and whilst cruising? We don't have a boat yet so what would be the minimum and optimum rated inverter or electrical supply for the boat we choose so that the kiln can be run for several hours during a firing of glass?

Asked by: Raymond Fowler  | 8.54am, Thursday 12 May

WW says:

The power rating of your kiln at 2.4kW is well within the rating of a 16A marina supply. Some older marina and boat club hook-ups, although using 16A connectors, however are not able to supply high currents especially if many boats are hooked up to one cable. Most of the newer marinas do however have well installed mains hook-up supplies and should be fine.
Since the kiln will need to run for quite a long time, to run it from power generated on board will require a robust 3kW supply. This could not be supplied just from batteries and would need either a standalone generator, a travel power unit which consists of a special engine driven alternator and power electronics, or an inverter with big alternators to supply current to the inverter.
If you are looking at second hand boats; look for one with a washing machine that can be used whilst cruising as these are typically 3kW.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.53AM, Thursday 12 May

Readers say:

Thank you for your reply, we now know what we need to be looking for.

Raymond Fowler  | 12.52PM, Thursday 12 May

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