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LPG combI

can an LPG combi boiler be. Fitted to a narrowboat, or would it just eat the gas.just for showering and an hours heating on cold mornings.thanks in advance for your advice/ help regards terry

Asked by: terry  | 8.04pm, Wednesday 18 May

WW says:

It is possible to fit a combo boiler (provided that it is an LPG burner) and is type approved for marine use. However, the burner output tends to be very high, and so when heating is constantly cycling. Some also require quite substantial 230V supplies to both run and be on standby. They are also bulky and the flue requirements can make them more challenging to fit. For these reasons, they are not at all popular for boats, where, using gas, one of the Alde models would be far more suitable- and in many ways runs almost like a combo boiler.

Mark Langley  | 8.47AM, Thursday 19 May

Alternatively, a gas powere storage water heater (like the Truma boat boiler) or a properly installed instantaneous gas water heater would suffice for the hot water side- and a blow-air gas fired heating system (such as the Propex models) would easy and quickly heat most boats- probably faster than radiator outputs.

Mark Langley  | 8.49AM, Thursday 19 May

A typical LPG Combi boiler is a 30kW appliance, which would require a much more substantial gas supply than is usually found on boats. It might prove difficult to source gas pipe to the required size that would meet the BSS.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.36AM, Thursday 19 May

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