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How easy is it to replate a 50ft narrowboat diy style

I am the proud owner of a 50ft boat that required rebottoming and possibly the sides. I have an experienced welder (although not of narrowboats!) I have been told that I should, with the help of my welder friend be able to achieve a replate at home. What are the pros and cons and what should I specifically, if anything, be aware of. Many thanks.

Asked by: mandy swallow  | 11.32pm, Sunday 1 February

WW says:

Regular WW writer Michael Minifie did exactly that, and wrote up the experience in an article in our January 2006 issue.
You can download the article here - free for a limited time. It's a 2Mb PDF so you'll need to be on a broadband connection to download it.

Richard Fairhurst  | 4.21PM, Tuesday 17 February

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