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Heat exchanger

A few months ago you featured a new product - a heat exchanger to fit in the engine coolant circuit with 2 ports to connect to the radiator circuit. I need one of these, but I don't keep old copies of the magazine. Can you point me towards this product - make and model number?

Asked by: Leonard Lawson  | 3.24pm, Monday 6 June

WW says:

The main unit fitted to boats is the Alde Heat Exchanger- its not a new product (it has been around quite a long time) but often ignored by boat builders- as for a fairly low cost, and fitted into the calorifier to engine return piepwork, it can tap useful waste heat into the boats heating circuit.
The link to the Alde page is http://www.alde.co.uk/itemdetails.php?itemId=58 and is available directly or through some chandlers.

Mark Langley  | 3.31PM, Monday 6 June

I know the one you mean- I will dig out the info- however the Alde one, as a plate heat exchanger, is probably far more efficient- and cheaper! The other was almost like a modified gearbox oil cooler...

Mark Langley  | 11.40PM, Monday 6 June

Readers say:

Thanks, Mark - but this is not the one I remember - it had straight-through inline connections for the engine coolant and a spiral wrapped coil around the outside for the rad connection - similar to the refrigeration item shown here....
It was definitely a NEW item in your NEW PRODUCTS pages. If you're able to email me my postal sub number I'll be able to browse back issues myself - I don;t keep the wrappers the mag comes in !
Many thanks...........Len

Leonard Lawson  | 3.47PM, Monday 6 June

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