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Leaking cratch

Late last year we had a cratch cover made. It's mainly doing a good job but, like many cratch covers, the sides can be rolled up and fixed with straps. Where the s/s turnbuckle is the rain seems to be getting in where the spikes of the turnbuckle pierce the fabric and hence runs down the straps internally. How can we seal it??

Asked by: Roger Munt  | 12.33pm, Monday 20 June

WW says:

I presume that it is the top turnbuckles that are dripping associated with the straps that secure the rolled up sides, not the ones securing the cover to the boat.
What is needed is some flexible sealant between the metal and the vinyl, three possibilities come to mind:
a) some old fashioned wax furniture polish. If you can ease the fabric away from the fastener and push the wax into the gap it will provide a semi flexible seal.
b) A more modern solution would be to spray some Fabsil into the gap, several applications after drying time should work.
c) Remove the turnbuckle, apply a small amount of silicone to the outside part and reassemble.
Each solution should repel the water preventing those annoying drips, do please let us know which method you tried and whether it worked.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.09PM, Monday 20 June

Readers say:

Yes. All your ideas sound possible. For the moment we have tried a fabric waterproofer. Rather like Fabsil I think. Need a few rainy days to see if it helps..

Roger Munt  | 6.32PM, Monday 20 June

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