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Can i use a normale iron to do my ironing I have a 1600 converter but have been told that i could blow the converter up.
Thaks Lez

Asked by: Lez Brennan  | 2.57pm, Wednesday 29 June

WW says:

You need to make sure that the iron power consumption is below 1600W- ideally 1500 or lower. Most travel irons are in the region of 709 to 900W... And you may find some cheaper domestic irons that use around 1200W. A look around should show you suitable ones. Bear in mind that a prolonged ironing session would be best done with the engine running due to power consumption

Mark Langley  | 5.44PM, Thursday 30 June

Readers say:

The 7 to 900 watt Iron is the one to use, after all you NEVER drive your car flat out so why use a device that requires your inverter to work flat out

Malcolm Wood  | 10.57AM, Monday 18 July

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