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Printers on board

Has anyone got any tips for using/storing/locating a printer on board? We have a fairly standard 57' narrowboat, with a fair bit of storage, but I am after a nice designed solution. Alternatively could anyone recommend a small printer. Most seem very large with (not required) scanning screens.

Asked by: owen  | 8.28pm, Wednesday 29 June

WW says:

From my own experience, printers and boats struggle to be a good match! I would tend to try and keep a printer (and there are some very compact Canon inkjet printers around, such as there Pixma 110 models) where it is dry and reasonably warm. If they are stowed in low-level lockers, they do seem to suffer from damp. Also, remove paper when not in use and keep the paper wrapped in its original packaging- the paper is slightly hygroscopic and will take in atmospheric moisture, which can make it difficult to print on, and encourages jams.

Mark Langley  | 2.40PM, Friday 1 July

Readers say:

Thank you. I suspected locker storage could be an issue.

owen  | 8.54PM, Friday 1 July

I use an Epson WF-100W. Not cheap but ultra compact and produces a consistant high quality print.

KeithYeandel  | 12.28PM, Sunday 17 July

We use an HP 4500, which produces consitently good images and print. From experience, it is very important to switch the printer off on the printer before switching off the inverter. It you do not, the ink is likely to dry out and force you to change the printer cartridges - expensive!

Robin Sundt  | 2.29PM, Sunday 17 July

Thankyou for your assistance. We have purchased a Sumsung M2026W. It has a small footprint and was relatively cheap from our local PC Outlet. Seems to be operating well.
I will now have to design and construct a storage solution.

owen  | 9.34PM, Friday 19 August

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