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Should I secure a mooring before buying a narrowboat?

Asked by: David Croft  | 5.46am, Monday 4 July

WW says:

A few years ago, the answer would most certainly have been 'yes'. However, since then, many marinas have been built which has considerably increased the number of moorings available. That said, if you want a mooring in a particular area - and especially if that area is near the South East where demand for moorings is greater - it would be a good idea to see whether your chosen location has vacancies. If not, you may be able to put your name on a waiting list.
CRT used to use an eBay style auction process for letting moorings but most are now simply advertised on the website for immediate allocation For more information, see https://www.watersidemooring.com/Home/OurMooringsExplained

Graham Booth  | 2.27PM, Monday 4 July

I would add, if you are considering a residential mooring, then you probably should consider finding a suitable mooring first...

Mark Langley  | 11.05PM, Monday 4 July

Readers say:

I did as I'm London based and it also meant finding a boat was easier as I needn't restrict myself to a boat with a mooring

josie pledge  | 8.01PM, Saturday 23 July

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