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I have a fair bit of rust on the floor of the bow on my cruiser style narrowboat ( the built in water tank is beneath this area)
I have been told to strip back the rust then use Vactan before a primer and then a few coats of paint
Can anyone suggest a good primer and top coat paint ?
I'm hoping to also loosen the bolts to the water tank cover so I can see what's going on inside !!!!
And suggestions would be much appreciated

Asked by: josie pledge  | 7.59pm, Saturday 23 July

WW says:

Firstly.- I have not heard of vatcan, but think you might have been referred to Fertan... This converts rust to an stable base for painting. Then, after a thorough wash down, several coats of primer would be useful, followed by either an undercoat or a specific deck paint (which would also have slip-resistant properties without further treatment). Most marine paints such as Craftmaster, Epifanes and International (as examples) would be useful. Alternatives would be using a paint such as Protectakote which may be easier to apply.
For the water tank, an inspection is good- and if you choose to repaint then you would need a drinking water tank specific paint, although this will need a very clean, dry surface and possibly done with the boat out of the water to avoid condensation/adhesion issues. Normal paint is not suitable for water tanks. You would also need to replace any seals to avoid contamination of the tank. Either way, if you decide to repaint the tank or not you should consider disinfection of the tank and water system- ideally this should be done every 6 months or so anyway
Hope that makes sense!

Mark Langley  | 9.46PM, Saturday 23 July

Readers say:

Hi Mark
Thanks yes that makes sense
I was told that Vactan was better than fertan , either still involves lots of de resting beforehand woohooo !
Can you recommend a good primer or do I just need a good metal primer for outdoor use ?
As for the water tank I've heard of 'a bag' that you can use inside your tank so that the water makes no contact with the metal so will investigate this further
I have already used tablets from the chandlery when I refilled the tank and have a water supply at my moorings so use that through a filter to drink
Being a narrowboat newbie I'm sure I'll be asking a lot more questions over the next few months !

josie pledge  | 10.49PM, Saturday 23 July

We have used Vatcan to treat rust inside our boat's water tank before painting with a suitable paint. The information sheet that comes with the Vatcan claims it to be safe to use in water tanks.If you google Vatcan and I think the information is available.

grayham pope  | 12.08PM, Sunday 14 August

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