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Broken Window catch.

I have broken one of the catches on a hopper window. It is from a Cauldwells window about 10 years old; one of spoon shaped aluminium catches attached by a bolt through the glass. They are no longer available from the manufacturers.
I would appreciate any suggestions about a possible source of a spare, or an alternative to replace this.

Asked by: Tom Ainsworth  | 8.10pm, Friday 5 August

WW says:

It might be worth asking a boatyard if they could fabricate you a replacement in aluminium (though stainless steel 316 might be easier to work with). An alternative might be to cut an acrylic wedge to act as a closure, as it is fairly easy to shape and drill (wood could be an alternative as a cheap "stop-gap").

Mark Langley  | 12.07PM, Monday 8 August

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