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Replacing halogen with LED lighting on a narrowboat

I want to replace halogen lighting on my 4 yr old narrowboat with equivalent LED. Halogen bulbs are marked 12v 10w. Nobody seems to do an equivalent. The nearest is a MR16 -10L from Bedazled but this is the equivalent of a 20w bulb, twice my current bulbs. Will this be too bright? There are 28 halogen lights on my boat. What LEDs are fitters using now?

Asked by: Eamonn Hallmark  | 3.50pm, Tuesday 16 August

WW says:

I swapped all the tungsten and fluorescent lights on our boat for LEDs a couple of years ago and am delighted with the result. The new bulbs are certainly brighter but we see this as an advantage. The only thing to watch is the colour temperature. Some LEDs are rather cool but it is possible to get warmer ones which are more like tungsten - unless you like cool lights that is.
If you are concerned about the brightness, perhaps you could replace two or three in one part of the boat and try these on there own to see whether you like them or not.
In case you haven't found it already, I wrote and article about changing my bulbs in the January 2013 issue of WW. I must say I found Richard at Bedazzled very helpful.

Graham Booth  | 7.38PM, Tuesday 16 August

Readers say:

I replaced all the halogen lights on our narrowboat shortly after we bought it nearly four years ago. I replaced all the 10W ceiling lights with 20W warm white from Bedazzled, and found them to be absolutely fine and not too bright. They were probably only 10W in the first place to limit current consumption. Four wall lights were 20W halogen and I replaced these with 20W equivalents. The colour of the light is in my view indistinguishable from a halogen, but make sure you specify warm white! Current consumption is very much lower, so you can put extra lights (as I did) in without worrying about the effect on the batteries. They also run much cooler.

Robert Wood  | 10.42PM, Sunday 18 September

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