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Suitable anchor

I have taken over a 62ft 17tonne nb which has a 16kg Britany anchor. Having looked at a couple of marine sites is this anchor man enough for the boat to hold her in a river?. There is chain and shackles and rope to hold the boat to the anchor. Any advice would be appreciated
Thank you
nb Jamdrew of Larkfield

Asked by: bill goad  | 11.36am, Wednesday 17 August

WW says:

15kg Brittany pattern anchor will probably be enough if you have sufficient length of chain and rope. A 20kg would probably be better but it can be very difficult to retrieve without a winch. Ideally you need at least 15ft of chain, preferably more- as the more chain the better, as it helps the anchor dig in- though often on rivers an anchor acts as a drag weight rather than digging in properly! The rest of the line should be nylon or polyester, rather than polypropylene (which floats and so counterproductive). Octoplait line can be spliced directly to the chain, avoiding
shackles. You cannot have too long a line- 100ft (30m) would be about right, as ideally you need to put out at least five times the depth of water to get best grip- even more is better. Too little and the anchor won't drag properly and the pull angle will be too great.

Mark Langley  | 8.20PM, Wednesday 17 August

Octoplait is very easy to splice in directly to chain- there are pictures online- my splicing is normally a pained process but found it very easy to do on a number of different rode to chain lines!

Mark Langley  | 9.31PM, Friday 26 August

Readers say:

Many thanks Mark for the advice and will look at the anchor rope and renew it with longer - just need to catch up on my splicing skills!

bill goad  | 11.44AM, Friday 26 August

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