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broad beam in foulrifge tunnel

Hi, can anybody advise if it ok to take a broadbeam with fixed wheelhouse through foulridge tunnel? If so any recommendations for protecting the wheelhouse sides? boat width 12ft, air draft 7ft 8ins. I just made it through Rentons Bridge on the Ripon canal recently if that helps. Thanks

Asked by: John Lawson  | 2.41pm, Friday 19 August

WW says:

I am not entirely sure I could give a definitive answer here- it also depends on the profile of the wheelhouse. A quick chat with the local CRT office might give you a better answer, as they will have a profile gauge of the tunnel and be far more able to give some details.
Sorry about that!

Mark Langley  | 3.02PM, Wednesday 31 August

Readers say:

Apologies, of course I meant Foulridge tunnel!

John Lawson  | 2.15PM, Wednesday 31 August

No problem. It was a useful suggestion. Thanks

John Lawson  | 1.58PM, Thursday 1 September

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