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2 volt battery

I have been told that power cell who make 2 volt batteries ,linking together would be a better system than my 4 x 135amp 12 volt batteries . your thoughts would be helpfull as i,m a bit sceptical as that means a lot more wiring and space .

Asked by: mick turner  | 2.20pm, Saturday 27 August

WW says:

High quality 2V cells are proper traction cells, which can stand repeated charging and discharging cycles. This may mean that for live aboard use, with high power demands, they may be worthwhile. However, if you look after your batteries, don't discharge below 50%, have a good charging regime and possibly solar panels to top up when not using the boat, it may be more cost effective to budget for changing batteries every four or five years, than the expense of 2V cells (and, as you point out, additional wiring/refitting battery boxes, etc.). It depends on what you expect your battery system to do- if you will make heavy drains on batteries then the 2V cells would be ideal- if you are cruising lots and are careful with power, then normal 110 or 135Ah leisure batteries may be the better choice.

Mark Langley  | 9.28AM, Sunday 28 August

For a given capacity it is better to have several high capacity batteries in series, than to make up the capacity by conecting batteries in parallel.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.18AM, Wednesday 31 August

Readers say:

Thanks for your help

mick turner  | 10.44AM, Sunday 28 August

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