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Suitable backing to be used when installing a wood burning stove

We are going to replace our wood burning stove and want to replace the existing tiles at the same time. Is there any other covering we can use such as a metal or tile sheet over a non combustible back board ? Regards Denise

Asked by: Denise Riding  | 2.09pm, Tuesday 13 September

WW says:

The old method of sticking tiles on to plywood does not protect against the fire risk from long term heat transmission through the tiles. The solution is to use a fireproof board or metal sheet with an air gap between it and any combustible material. The air gap must be open top and bottom to allow circulation. Tiles can be stuck onto this sheet. This should be done around the stove and the flue if it runs close to the wall lining. Many of the boat stoves now sold have extra radiation panels fitted to the sides and rear; these reduce the risk from radiated heat. An insulated flue and roof collar will make the fire draw better and prevent the fire risk of a hot flue pipe.
There is an excellent sheet of information for solid fuel stove installation produced by Soliftec at: http://www.soliftec.com/Boat%20Stoves%201-page.pdf which shows the best form of construction with use of calcium silicate board and air gaps to give heat protection (if this link does not work, search for "soliftec stoves in boats").

Rupert Smedley  | 10.26AM, Wednesday 14 September

Readers say:

Many thanks for the reply this is really most helpful :)

Denise Riding  | 1.08PM, Monday 19 September

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