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Limescale remover compatible with Elsan Blue

Hi - we have macerator loos with Elsan Blue in the holding tanks. The bowls are getting badly stained at the exit route where limescale is forming. Can someone recommend a cleaner that will not harm the chemicals in the holding tank please nor the (hard plastic) pipe seals.

Asked by: Ian Hawkes  | 5.19pm, Tuesday 18 October

WW says:

Thetford Plastic Cleaner and Thetford toilet bowl cleaner is designed for such toilets and works well- however it's not as easily available as other cleaners. Ecover toilet cleaner is very gentle and removes limeacale well. You could use dilute white vinegar (diluted around 1:10) but this will cause methanal (formaldyde) to be released from the holiding tanks fluid- another reason that alternatives to traditional "blue" may be worth considering.

Mark Langley  | 9.10PM, Tuesday 18 October

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