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Engine Stack Pipes

I have a Beta Marine JD3 tug engine with a roof mounted stack pipe which is too short. I have tried off the shelf Midland Chandlerblonger stack pipes but they are too small. The connection is quite shallow and does have a thread. What is my best way forward?

Asked by: david moon  | 3.00pm, Friday 28 October

WW says:

The Beta JD3 tug engine has a standard 2 inch BSP exhaust fitting and it sounds as though this has been continued through the exhaust system culminating in a threaded outlet on the cabin roof. If this is such that the standard 3 inch diameter stack pipe will not fit, you will need to get one made to the right size. There are a few people who can make an exhaust or cabin chimney to whatever diameter and length required, with or without brass bands and a cutter across the top. With a roof mounted exhaust and a slow revving engine it is worth having an extra short pipe with a cutter for tunnels; this will prevent the cabin roof being covered with muck dislodged from the tunnel roof by the exhaust!

Rupert Smedley  | 5.18PM, Saturday 29 October

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