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Fuel for Narrowboats

I've been boating for less than a year, and was a bit confused to find a fuel pump at a local marina labelled 'gas oil' rather than diesel. An online search of WW articles suggests that gas oil and diesel are not the same thing. What is the difference? Can I use either for my Isuzu diesel engine and for my Eberspacher water-based central heating system?

Asked by: Rod Nelson  | 10.43am, Tuesday 1 November

WW says:

The term Gas Oil is the older name for what is now known as Diesel.
Diesel is the type of engine whilst gas oil is the vapourising fuel that the diesel engine burns. If you read old accounts of the working boatmen, they often refer to "oiling up" which means fueling the boat.
You should have no problem as it is more likely that it is just an old term used for red diesel which these days is white DERV with red colouring added.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.24PM, Tuesday 1 November

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