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update to prop shaft rubber seal

The renewal of PSS seal on the prop shaft looks strait forward enough,but I have to some how remove the uniflex coupling to do this.I do not know what is in this and don't want it to fly apart. PS Boat is out of the water. Regards Mike

Asked by: mike farmer  | 9.37pm, Wednesday 2 November

WW says:

The Vetus Uniflex coupling is reasonably straight forward; the propeller shaft is held into the coupling by a tapered sleeve that is clamped in by the three or six bolts (depending on the coupling size) on the propeller side of the coupling. Undoing these bolts will release the shaft without anything springing out, in fact a bit of persuasion might be needed to get it apart.
There is a diagram at http://www.vetus.com/media/magentominds/sasdocument/20121109012049_0.pdf
page 5.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.50AM, Thursday 3 November

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