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Morse Squirrel rope door seal

The old seal is all removed and new 'official' rope seal inserted. The problem is that we can no longer shut the door. Despite giving it time to settle it is no better. Is there some trick or have we been sent the wrong seal kit??

Asked by: Roger Munt  | 11.09am, Saturday 5 November

WW says:

Sometimes the rope seal needs to be flattened- it can be quite difficult, but often needs a firm push to close the door, then under heat from the fire, the glue and rope packing settle.
You might find that pressing the rope seal firmly into the glass with a flat piece of wood will help it settle- however, if the door seal is the wrong one (which is possible) then if it is too thick, then it will not settle,. However, most doors seals are similar diameters of glass/mineral rope, just different lengths.
Check that the edge of the stove where the door catch operates is clear of soot/corrosion on the inside and outside- sometimes this can have an effect on closing the door; also if the catch has been bent, this may effect the door closing properly- you can sometimes use wood or a long screwdriver to gently prise the door catch slightly more open, which can help with closing the door (as long as the door still makes a good seal with the stove).

Mark Langley  | 5.09PM, Saturday 5 November

I had this problem with our Little Wenlock stove. Condensation from the chimney collar above had dripped down onto the stove and run behind the door on the hinge side. This had caused some rusting which had expanded and reduced the size of the groove that holds the rope. Being on the hinge side of the door, the leverage effect was greater so the door would not close. I removed the old rope, scraped off the rust back to sound metal and fitted a new rope - problem solved. The door now makes a good seal all round and the stove draws much better.

Graham Booth  | 11.56AM, Sunday 6 November

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