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13ft widebeam

Hi, can I get a 13ft by 60ft widebeam from Sawley Marina to Leicester?are the locks and bridges wide enough?

Asked by: Adrian Chaplin  | 9.04pm, Friday 20 January

WW says:

The short answer is yes!
There are wide beam boats on the River Soar and the navigation is wide from Trent Lock to Foxton.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.35PM, Saturday 21 January

Readers say:

From IWA website
The maximum size of boat that can navigate throughout the River Soar Navigation is
length: 73' 2" (22.3 metres) - Bishop Meadow Lock
beam: 15' (4.57 metres) - Thurmaston Lock
height: 7' 6" (2.28 metres) - Little Moorlane Arch Bridge
draught: 4' (1.2 metres)

Ken Read  | 9.12PM, Saturday 21 January

Thanks very much for your quick response. Regards

Adrian Chaplin  | 10.53AM, Sunday 22 January

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