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Correct Anchor

Hi can anybody tell me the correct anchor, length of chain and size of rope I require. For my new 60ft semi trad narrow boat. We do intent to do quite a bit of river work
Thanks Tom

Asked by: Tom Grocott  | 11.29am, Tuesday 24 January

WW says:

A 60ft narrowboat on a river needs a decent anchor. A Danforth pattern one, around 20kg, is usually the best, as it is fairly easy to stow - folding (grapnel) anchors tend not to hold
well in soft river mud. The anchor needs atleast 5m of chain of 1/2in or 3/8in size, with an absolute minimum of 30m of line - 14mm or 16mm polyester or nylon (not polypropylene
as that floats!). Octoplait/Anchlorplait (8 braid) line is quite handy, as it can be easily spliced directly to the chain. You might consider a longer line if
you venture out onto the tidal Thames or Trent, as a good anchor (ready for use and attached to the boat) might be the only thing to prevent you from being swept under a bridge if you lose power.
There is further information on using anchors and river cruising in the February issue of Waterways World.

Mark Langley  | 11.44AM, Tuesday 24 January

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