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Ways of getting a good view from the saloon windows

We want to be able to look straight out of the saloon windows when sitting. One option is to increase the depth of the saloon windows so that the lower edge of the window frame is closer to the gunwale than it might be with say a typical 21" window. We may also have to combine this with an increase in the height of the sofa to achieve a good view. Apart from the risk of kicking the window when standing on the gunwale, can anyone see any problem with lowering the bottom edge of the window frame? Has anyone done this?

Asked by: Guy Campbell  | 6.42pm, Tuesday 31 January

WW says:

I agree that there is a danger of kicking and possibly damaging the bottom of the window if it is too near to the gunwale. One way that boatbuilders have got round this problem is to lower the section of gunwale under the window. This solution is seen mainly, although not exclusively, on hire boats. Unfortunately, it brings with it the problem that you, or someone less familiar with the boat, may stumble and lose their footing when walking along the gunwale. Even with a lower sill line, I suspect you will have to raise the height of the sofa by nine inches or more in order to see more than the sky and the tops of trees when you look out of the window. This may make it rather uncomfortable to sit on without a footstool. Sorry to sound rather negative but I can't see a way round this one.

Graham Booth  | 7.37PM, Tuesday 31 January

The height of the gunwale is a problem. One solution is to have a different proportion of cabin to hull, setting the gunwale closer to the water. This will obviously give less freeboard but will be perfectly fine for canal cruising and will give more of a "tug" look to the boat.
As Graham says, putting a dip in the gunwale line introduces a hazard and breaks up the line of the boat.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.10PM, Tuesday 31 January

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