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Replacing rotten mushroom and bullseye vent liners

How do you buy and fit replacement vent liners for mushroom and bullseye vents?

Asked by: david moon  | 5.37pm, Friday 3 February

WW says:

To get the most ventilation from your mushroom vents, the liner needs to be as thin as possible. P R O Cast of Nottingham produce spun brass liners and, if you don't like polishing, they can supply them powder coated. Alternatively, they produce a fibreglass liner in a wood grain effect that is equally thin. See www.procastnotts.com or ring 01777 703210.
Midland Chandlers sells real wood liners in turned oak at £25.99.
If you require odd sized liners, M D Woodtech produces a made to measure range. See www.woodtech.co.uk or 01902 493930.

Graham Booth  | 10.52AM, Saturday 4 February

I've just noticed you mentioned fitting them as well. It's probably best to follow the way the originals were fitted. They are usually screwed into battens around the edge of the hole or, if you don't want to see screwholes, they could be stuck using some clear silicone sealant around the flange. Whichever method you use, it is better not to fix them permanently in case you need to remove them for maintenance or some other reason in the future.

Graham Booth  | 11.02AM, Saturday 4 February

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