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Hi we have a 70ft narrowboat that weighs in at 27 ton what size anchor ect would we need to have ?

Asked by: keith  | 9.47am, Sunday 5 March

WW says:

The limiting factor for an anchor for a heavy full length narrowboat is that which can be stowed and deployed reasonably easily. Consulting anchor tables for sea going boats will yield a suggested anchor weighing upwards of 30kg which is not really possible to retrieve without an anchor winch.
The practical suggestion is to go for the biggest anchor that you will be happy to deploy in an emergency and to move around the boat. The rope and chain associated with the anchor is of as much importance as the anchor itself; a minimum of 5m chain spliced to 20m of polyester or similar non-floating line (preferably more of both), will help achieve an angle of pull on the anchor such that it will dig into the bottom. There is also special weighted line especially designed for anchors.
When boating on rivers always have the anchor out and attached to the boat ready to deploy. When going downstream consider moving the anchor and attaching it to the stern as this will stop the boat swinging round into the current which could be dangerous if the channel width is restricted.
There is an excellent answer by Mark to a similar question asked in September 2016.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.57PM, Sunday 5 March

A Danforth-pattern anchor is probably the easiest to stow and holds reasonably well in the soft mud/gravel of river beds. A CQR (Plough) anchor is also good but much more difficult to stow easily on a boat. If you look back at the September 2016 questions it goes
into more detail.

Mark Langley  | 11.30AM, Monday 6 March

Readers say:

Many thanks for your help, could I ask one more question please, what type / make should I look for.
Regards Keith.

keith  | 7.54AM, Monday 6 March

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