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engine option

we are in the process of buying anarrowboat.one has perkins mc42.The other a betabv1903s(kabuta).Please could you give comparison thoughts. thankyou

Asked by: mick furner  | 11.25am, Thursday 16 March

WW says:

The Perkins MC42 and the Beta 43 (also known as the BV1903S) are very similar engines. They produce 42/43 HP and are both reliable plant engines; so to decide between them is really a case of looking at the history of use and servicing of each engine.
If there is an engine hours meter fitted this will give the total run time of the engine.
Is there any form of service record?
Look at the condition of the engine; does it looked well cared for, or is it a neglected power source out of sight under a cover. Are there any signs of over-heating and are there decently sized skin tanks?

Rupert Smedley  | 6.09PM, Thursday 16 March

Check also that the engine starts easily and runs evenly without any smoke after it has warmed up.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.13AM, Friday 17 March

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