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blue smoke

Hi everyone I have just had my BMC 1500 engine reconditioned it has run for about 18 20 hours now its puffing out blue smoke does any one know whats happening have the rings gone not sure.
Many Thanks Lez

Asked by: Lez Brennan  | 5.42pm, Wednesday 12 April

WW says:

The most likely cause is that the injection timing needs to be advanced a few degrees. It should be possible to find instructions on how to do it on the calcutt boats site.

Mike Jordan  | 8.55AM, Thursday 13 April

A full workshop manual is available as a free PDF from a number of sites. Just google 1.5 Leyland or BMC.

Mike Jordan  | 9.06AM, Thursday 13 April

Readers say:

Thanks Mike

Lez Brennan  | 1.01PM, Tuesday 18 April

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