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advice about condition of boat and how to renovate or is it worth it?

i have seen a post on eBay of a narrow boat for sale was in storm it is now re-afloat and in need of a good clean and overhaul. It has a 1.5 bmc engine which was refurbished just before I brought the boat, this will also need attention,ie emptying of water and re-filling with oil and diesel. When i did the rebuild in 2010 every thing was brand new, ie:- Gas cooker, Gas boiler,Valour multifuel stove, Shower, Pumps,Lighting, Wiring 12v and 240 hook up,etc. These should all be ok with a good drying out and clean. how much time and money would it cost to do this as the inside looks very damp and sustained water damage would it be a total refit?

Asked by: abbie o'connor  | 9.45pm, Tuesday 18 April

WW says:

Please don't even think about it. I have made my living for a long time by building, fitting, and altering boats while encouraging owners to work on their boats to fit out or improve them. I also made internal furniture and all other items for use in boats. I think its obvious that you have very little experience of boats, and, like many of us, you would love to own one but probably have limited funds. You are perhaps quoting the seller when you say it just needs drying out in order to be OK. Buying any boat without having your own survey done before hand is a mistake, so this is probably your answer. No surveyor is likely to advise purchasing a boat of this kind unless you are extremely wealthy and competent in a host of trades. Sorry to be so anti but the route you may be thinking of following is well worn and ends in heartbreak.

Mike Jordan  | 8.36AM, Wednesday 19 April

I agree with Mike- don't touch it! Also, getting insurance on it would be a nightmare, if not impossible (and a requirement if its actually afloat).

Mark Langley  | 11.38AM, Thursday 20 April

I'm not sure I understand the question.
At first I got the impression that you've just seen an ad for the boat and wondered if it was worth buying and restoring.
But then you said "When I did the rebuild in 2010..." - does this mean you did the rebuild yourself in 2010?
Also, was the boat at some stage completely sunk, or simply suffered storm damage?

Andrew Denny  | 9.55AM, Thursday 27 April

Readers say:

In full agreement with the previous answers. Any electrical equipment would probably need a full dismantling and cleaning (or replacement) to get it working again, especially higher voltage stuff like inverters, cooker & boiler ignition systems, 240 volt systems, etc.. Water alone doesn't usually cause permanent damage, provided everything is completely dry before being switched on, and if the water has been removed before corrosion sets in. It's all the muck that comes with it and stays behind after the water's evaporated. And where has the acid from the batteries ended up?

Robert Wood  | 9.24AM, Tuesday 25 April

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