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slipper stern

are there any disadvatages of a slipper stern on a narrow boat ??

Asked by: jake martin  | 8.21pm, Wednesday 7 May
Tags: design

WW says:

When you say 'slipper stern', I assume that you mean the design originated by R&D Fabrications. In this, the base plate rises on either side of the engine until it meets the uxter plate - also known as the cavitation plate. It is meant to give a smoother exit for the water and, therefore, greater efficiency and less wash.

I do not know of any disadvantages but, since I have never cruised a boat with this feature, I do not know if it has any benefits either.

Can any other readers who own one please tell us their experiences?

Graham Booth  | 3.40PM, Sunday 11 May

Readers say:

I am sure at least some of those low wash sterns had a horizontal skin cooling tank which rather tends to defy the laws of physics. It would therefore be a good idea to give such a boat a prolonged high speed/high power test - not on the canal - to make sure the cooling system is adequate.

Andrew Schmidt  | 9.34AM, Tuesday 13 May

There is a very comprehensive website which has an explanation and photos of a boatc called Earnest being built with this type of slipper stern (increased waterflow from under the boat). The site can be found by searching "Tuesday Night Club" and logs in words and photos their epic travels over the waterway system. It is encyclopedic in its breadth and I use it to research future trips.

andy tidy  | 5.07PM, Thursday 15 May

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