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Builder of boat??

I have recently bought a 40ft narrowboat & cant seem to find out much about its history. I've not seen another one like it yet ( the bow doors are set to one side & it has solid runners along the roof instead of rails. It's age is guessed at around late 60's early 70's. Some Liverpool boats look a little like it, but not much!
Has any one got any idea how I go about finding out who/where it was built please??

Asked by: Natalie Woollard  | 1.38pm, Monday 24 April

WW says:

An experienced boat broker should be able to identify the make by either looking at the boat or some photographs of it. The photos should show the whole boat plus individual views of the bow and the stern and some details like the hatch slide which are often unique to a particular builder.
Alternatively, you could email some pictures to me at graham.booth@wwonline.co.uk and I will see if it rings any bells.

Graham Booth  | 3.33PM, Monday 24 April

Readers say:

Thankyou, I have emailed you some pictures.

Natalie Woollard  | 5.34PM, Monday 24 April

Try the canal trust. The boat should have its licence number and they can often give you some history. A surveyor was able to access more information on the database as I was struggling to find the year and builder of my new boat

Net Watmough  | 3.37PM, Thursday 11 May

Thanks for the advice, I will give a surveyor a call & see if I have any luck.

Natalie Woollard  | 9.53AM, Wednesday 24 May

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