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Manual toilet pump out pumps

Hi - literally got caught short at Kingswood junction with the CRT pump out facility not working [it got repaired two days later]and 7/8 full black water toilet tank. A fellow boater had a manual pump out facility and said it was very useful when quite often pump out facilities are not functioning and cost effective over a few years. Any suggestions as to what pumps there are available to manually pump out the tank if the electric pump out isn't working wherever you may be. Obviously the manual pump discharge hose is directed down the elsan disposal facility.
Thanks Bill G
nb Jamdrew of Larkfield

Asked by: bill goad  | 12.49pm, Thursday 11 May

WW says:

Your best bet is to buy a ready-made kit- many chandlers stock them as they have a suitable length of lay flat hose to run to the discharge point and a section of reinforced hose to connect to the pump-out fitting. Most use a manual diaphragm pump with single or double chamber, operated by a removable handle. Lee Sanitation are probably the most well-known company that specialise in all things toilet based- though other companies also make them. A look at their website will give you a good idea of what they are like.
Just a couple of cautions- make sure that the elasn point can take the larger load from the holding tank- some prohibit the discharge of larger tanks (often those on small septic systems) and you might also want to avoid using formaldehyde based toilet fluids, as you would potentially be exposing yourself to it as you empty. Ensure the hose is througly flushed through before Rolling up (such as pumping a bucket of water or two through the pipe- possibly as well using some mild disinfectant- but don't pump water directly from the canal). Also take care with where you stow it- and don't flush the holding tank out by using a hose attached directly to a drinking water tap point, as there is a potential of contamination there- instead either flush plenty of water down the loo or consider attaching a length of hose to a tap inside the boat.

Mark Langley  | 6.41PM, Thursday 11 May

With a manual system it is easier to use a connection fitting that screws into the tank connection on the boat, rather that the push on type that needs to be held in position.These are often made from clear plastic so the flow can be monitored.

Rupert Smedley  | 7.04PM, Thursday 11 May

Readers say:

Thanks guys
I will look at the alternatives

bill goad  | 7.29PM, Thursday 11 May

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