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blacking the hull of my 60 foot narrowboat

How many gallons of blackening do I need per coat for my 60 foot narrowboat hull please?

Asked by: Net Watmough  | 3.32pm, Thursday 11 May

WW says:

The coverage area varies with different paints and is usually stated in the information on the tin. A 60 ft boat is approximately 18m long and the height of the sides including the top bend is usually 1.1m; this gives an area of 20 sq metres. So one coat on both sides needs to cover 40sq m. If you are going to give the boat the best protection and will be painting the base plate; this will give an additional area of about 38 sq m.
Standard bitumen paint has coverage of around 10 sq m per litre, so a 5 litre tin will be plenty for one coat on both sides. Different paints and painters result in different coverage per litre. Generally two coats is considered the minimum necessary for good protection, but three is better. It is most important to give the paint enough time to fully cure before putting the boat back in the water; allow at least 24 hours otherwise the effort is wasted.

Rupert Smedley  | 6.10PM, Thursday 11 May

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