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Hour meter dip switches

I removed my rev counter from my BETA 38 engine as the bulb and the hour display were not working. I failed to find why the hours were no longer showing but more importantly the dip switches were accidently moved. What should they be set at to ensure that the rev counter is accurate? Is there any obvious reason for the hours not to be displayed?

Asked by: Alan Davies  | 6.42pm, Monday 22 May

WW says:

Which panel do you have? With just the rev counter, with voltmeter as well, or having oil pressure and temperature gauge (ie AB, B or C panels).

Mark Langley  | 9.06PM, Monday 22 May

Unfortunately I don't have the data for that model :( however a quick email to Beta Marine should help.
You may also need to tell them what alternator(s) are fitted, as the W connection output is reliant on the pulley ratio fitted (in order to give to correct RPM reading).
Sorry that I am unable to help here.

Mark Langley  | 1.04PM, Tuesday 23 May

Readers say:

Just the rev counter, ignition and stop and four lights

Alan Davies  | 11.14AM, Tuesday 23 May

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