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Bricks in Engine Compartment

Is it normal/recommended to load the engine compartment with engineering bricks, to counteract the stern of the boat sitting too high in the water. I have a photo. The bricks aren't neatly placed and obstruct the bottom of the compartment, which is concern of mine.

Asked by: Michael Connaughton  | 12.24pm, Tuesday 30 May

WW says:

It sounds as though the boat was not properly ballasted when built or has been altered, and additional weight has been added in the form of the bricks around the engine to bring the counter plate into the water. If the stern is too high with the counter plate above the water reverse performance will be poor as the propeller will suck air down from the surface; forward will not be affected quite so much as the stern pulls down with the suction produced by the propeller.
The only way to ascertain whether the bricks are necessary is to take them out and see how the boat sits in the water. The trim will also be dependent on the state of the fuel and water tanks. The water tank is typically at the bow and when full will push the bow down and raise up the stern, so check it with a full water tank. If additional ballast is required at the stern there are better ways to add weight than you describe; steel ballast is much higher density and will take up less room, and putting a steel slab at the back of each swim might be a neater way to achieve the same effect.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.06PM, Tuesday 30 May

Readers say:

Thanks. I liked the boat, Andy may consider buying it.

Michael Connaughton  | 3.11PM, Tuesday 30 May

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