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Lacking Blacking

I've discovered a boat I'm interested in hasn't been blacked since 2010, when the anodes were also replaced. There is no Galvanic Isolater or Isolation Transformer installed on the boat. Should I bother paying to get it slipwayed (terrible verb) for a survey or say no thanks, quietly retreat and find another boat? Alternatively, I could try to get the owner to pay said survey and slipway costs?

Asked by: Michael Connaughton  | 4.59pm, Wednesday 7 June

WW says:

There is a chance of some serious corrosion- however, it could also be that the boat is in very good condition- as rusting can be quite unpredictable. If the boat has been cruised lots, then it might well be a good buy... and that if the rest of the boat is well-maintained otherwise, it could be good value. However, lack of hull blacking might suggest that the boat isn't well maintained and, unless its a good bargain (and you potentially mitigate against possible future costs which could extend to overplating) you might want to steer clear. If the owner is willing to slip and survey the boat, that would be a good sign (and maybe be blacked at the same time!).

Mark Langley  | 5.40PM, Wednesday 7 June

It also depends on the age of the boat and/or whether it was well maintained before 2010.

Rupert Smedley  | 8.21PM, Wednesday 7 June

It also depends on the paint scheme- if it's two-part epoxy paint on a grit blasted hull it might actually be in good condition... and the anodes may not have wasted much if the hull hasn't been abraded significantly below the waterline. Finding out the type of paint used is a good indication...

Mark Langley  | 10.55PM, Wednesday 7 June

650 hrs is only about 10days cruising per annum.
I would have a good look and feel of the blacking where you can get to below the waterline. If there is paint without lots of rust coloured corrosion blisters, it is probably OK as the boat is not very old. I would however get it docked soon after purchase for a thorough clean and black. The fact that it hasn't been blacked for so long is a good bargaining point.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.17AM, Thursday 8 June

Readers say:

2006 and it hasn't been criusing that much, mainly marina based and about 650 hours on engine. I need to check the documentation for previous blacking et alia, which I'll do on Friday for my final visit before considering submitting an offer.

Michael Connaughton  | 10.15PM, Wednesday 7 June

Thanks you for your comments.I'll ask more questions tomorrow. M

Michael Connaughton  | 10.09AM, Thursday 8 June

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