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surveys and pittings

hello all, i have recently had a 40ft Liverpool boat surveyed at a boat yard next to Aston marina, i picked a reputable surveyor from your ads,the owner had it advertised on apollo duck & Aston marina website but was selling it privately, it was advertised as so - "40ft cruiser stern liverpool boats-£29,995 very nice boat located at Aston marina, definitely worth a look, trust me i looked at a lot before finding this little gem! repainted in 2013 by the previous owner & blacked by aston marina in august in august 2016, also had a full engine service & new auto bilge put fitted. she "Merlot has been very well looked & has had regular engine services"-.it was in wonderful condition on the water & inside, once out of water the surveyor discovered that it was a 10mm baseplate which seemed a bit strange seen that it said 8mm on the conformation of conformity dated 2000, i thought that was great & that it was going to be the one, all side readings were satisfactory, but when the surveyor started to scrape the baseplate to get a proper reading,he discovered lots of deep pittings,not just local ones but dotted all over the bottom especially around the centre from bow to stern, the deepest he found was 4.7mm with no guarantee that it was the deepest !, (i have photos) the surveyor was quite alarmed by this & told me it would need a complete over plate,we were saddened obviously,anyway he carried on the survey,i decided to walk away from the deal & stopped the survey before he got to electrics which was the last thing to do, it was a simple set up & we knew it was good because of the recent bss which the surveyor read, (we noticed no galvanic isolator fitted) also the owner had always had it plugged in to the shoreline when on board, he used the boat as a temporary place to sleep (2-3 times a week) for the last 13 months & told me there had been no problems. As the owner was not present i had to then ring him to tell him there was a problem with his boat & that i would request my deposit back, he refunded my £500.I was advised not to reveal the problem to the owner so that he may agree to help with the cost of the survey, i had already spent £270 on a lift out etc, he agreed to pay half the survey, but wanted me to send him the draft in pdf copy before payment, i was advised not to by the surveyor but i did as i wanted to get it over with. He is now complaining that the survey was stopped short of the electrics which he knows are fine ,he has not payed me half the survey & not replying to my messages & emails. The only URGENT survey recommendation is to overplate before use, yet the owner, nine days ago has it back on apollo duck for the same price saying what a "gem" it is with no mention of the recent survey nor URGENT recommendation.( i personally think it is criminal)
So i suppose what i am asking is where do i stand,is there anyway of reporting this for the safety of everyone on the canals. I would hate to hear that boat 505101 had sunk with unaware people on board, its a great looking boat that i would not be surprised if someone bought it without a survey !. Are there people in the C.R.T that i can report this to ??.
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. thank you all.

Asked by: jean-marc bedos  | 1.29pm, Thursday 8 June

WW says:

As I understand it, private sales between two individuals are made on the basis of 'Buyer Beware'. The seller should not make false claims such as 'the baseplate has no pitting' but he is not bound to mention that there is pitting. That is for the buyer to discover.

Graham Booth  | 11.23AM, Friday 9 June

Readers say:

thank you , all the same i will be keeping an eye on boat 505101, happy safe cruising everyone.

jean-marc bedos  | 12.26PM, Friday 9 June

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